Sunday, August 11, 2013

Its Monday, Go To Work!!

I feel like this most of the time. I really wish there are some days where I actually really look forward to work at my current job. Its hard to choose happiness? Money? Career? Time? Balance? Its all kinda correlated. You can't be happy without money. You won't have money without a career. You can't have career without loosing precious time. Its hard to balance everything without losing something.

Lol, what a depressing post.

Happy Monday Blues.

Signing Off,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello from Bangkok Kapp! (21-25 March 2013)

Haven't blogged for a long time as I am just very very very farkking lazy. So many trips outstanding but this one has got to be by far one of my favorite.

Went to Bangkok with big group of friends with a secret objective of a proposal

Bloody Awesome.

The whole proposal thingy went smoothly. Except for the part where the guy kept on crying his balls off. Gahahhahah

Congrats to Dicky & Bee. It was a beautiful night filled with beautiful people. :)

I guess every one is feeling super blue after the trip. Sames goes for me. I am blue until black... Blue Black. gaahahhahah

As I use to say, when we feel super blue or sad after an an event or a trip, it means what we have done is too bloody awesome that we feel so sad after it because the moment is over.

Oh well, until our next trip together guys... Taiwan maybe? ;)

Signing Off From Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala Uganda,

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hello from Egypt!

Would have never expected that I would visit Egypt. And during a major political situation as well. LoL

Anyways, with my 'superb' planning I have actually a few days free to spend in Cairo. Unfortunately for me because of the political situation here I couldnt visit a few places and was stuck in the hotel for quite some times. But I did manage to see one of hte ancient wonders of the world :)

THE PYRAMID OF GIZA (Can't take my mind of Pyyramid Escape :))

(View of the Pyramid from the road)

(Tickets to the Pyramid. Had to buy 2 tickets, one to enter the area and one specially to enter the pyramid)

(A close view of the Pyramid. There are actually 9 pyramids there. 3 big one and 6 smaller one.)

(On my way climbing up to enter the hole)

(Insde the Pyramid. No camera was allowed. So I just used my phone. Seriouslly, it was not an easy climb. The passage way is fucking small. I was like almost in a squating position climbing 100m high)

(Th end of the read. Just a coffin with nothing inside.. Quite anti climatic, but the climb up was interesting. :) )

After the exiting the pyramid, my guide brought me to where I can go and take a camel ride out to the desert and take a picture of the 9 pyramids in the area.

(My driver bringing me out of the area and to the desert. I was suprised when he suddenly joined me on the camel. Imagine the camel carrying me and the driver. Poor Camel. But seriouslly guys, riding a camel... its not comfortable. Alot of bouncing. Sports Bra recomended for ladies. hahahaa.)

(Me, My camel and the pyramds)

(The view of the Desert)

(Seriouslly, I rather not have the arabic scarf on me. My driver just like suddenly came to me and started wrapping it around my head. I just cant say no to him.)

(Can you see how kangkang my leg is! Told you its umcomfortable!)

(Next Stop was the Sphinx. hehehehe, look familiar?? Destroyer??? Dota?? :))

(The temple outside the pyramid where the mumification process is done)

Well, thats about it. I have not seen any mummy yet as they are all located in the musuem and due to the political situation I cant really get there. Tour guide brought be to some other plaes as well, but I am too lazy to show them here... oh well maybe just one :)

(Bought myself a cartouche with my name in egyption on it. :))

I would say that Egypt is a place that everyone should atleast go once in their lifetime. It was quite impressive. Also recomended to go during the winter season so its not that hot. And to the pyramids, recomended to go early in the morning when it just open. I miss out on all the crowed. Perfect.

But to prepare for the smell when you are visiting the pyramids. Its full of Camel and Horse shit. I guess.. I cant really tell the difference :)

Signing off from Intercontinental Hotel Cairo,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Penang 11/11/2012

Just got back from a Penang trip with friends.

Kinda sad and blue that its over. But all in all it was an awesome trip.

Bring thanks to BigJoe for hosting us.\


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ridicules amount of flights for just 1 business trip.

Another one next week. lagi geng

Signing off from my fucking office,

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Volcano Chocolate

I am not really a desert kinda guy. But this was pretty awesome.Nice crisp on the outside and all molten goodness on the inside. With icecream on the side. :)

Signing Off from Venn Boutique Hotel,